A bit about us…

Margaret | b. 1977 | Lives and works in London

A perennial student, graduating with a 1st Class BA in Music from Brighton University, an MA in Creative & Critical Writing with Distinction from Sussex University, and an MA in Fine Art with Distinction from Chelsea College of Art. Margaret has worked in a variety of creative fields, including as guitarist for punk band The Flesh Happening, chief set builder for You Me Bum Bum Train, and as a creative consultant in the tech industry.

Margaret is preoccupied with the power of language to define our understandings of ourselves, and our relationships with others.

Robyn Herfellow | b. 1992 | Lives and works in London

Training first as a musician graduating with a 1st Class BMus in Jazz Music from The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, followed by an MA in Fine Art with Distinction from Chelsea College of Art, Robyn works as a practitioner across music, theatre and art. They are a member of Riposte hosting queer performance events ranging from raves to exhibitions in London.

Robyn composes for theatre and is associate musician for Re-Live theatre company, Cardiff. They have also worked as a performer for productions such as Gaggle Babble and National Theatre Wales’ ‘Wonderman’. They also perform in bands playing improvised music such as the latin jazz band Mañana Collective.

As an educator Robyn works with primary school children teaching music and drama and as a visiting tutor at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. They also work in arts therapy as a creative practitioner with Re-Live, Cardiff and Entelechy Arts, London.

List of past work


Riposte x Club | Exhibition & Performance | January 2020 London

Hundred Watt Club | Cabaret Performance | December 2019 Aldershot

Performance Workshop | University of the Arts Bournemouth | December 2019 Bournemouth

Robyn & Margaret Present: Kayfabing the Never Visible | Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club | November 2019 London

Robyn & Margaret Present: Death and Dressing Up | Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club | October 2019 London

Invisible Salon | Madame Lillies | August 2019 London

True Fest | Cabaret Performance | August 2019 Wales

Performance Workshop | ReWrite Youth Theatre | July 2019 London

Seance | Mass Hysteria | June 2019 London

Chelsea Lates | Performance | June 2019 London

Glory Hole Portal Walls | Bar Wotever | April 2019 London

Warm Up | Performance workshop at Riposte Social | April 2019 London

Ēostre | Performance (with Dan de la Motte, Willa Faulkner and Marlen Pflueger) | April 2019 London

Warmup for Beta Society | Workshop performance at Tate Modern | March 2019 London

Invisible Salon | Riposte House | January 2019 London

Yuletide Melodies | Performance (with Queer Faith and the Many) | December 2018 London

Robyn’s Birthday Bash | Performance | October 2018 London

Invisible Salon presents Kayfabing the Never-Visible | Performance (with Oedipussi) | September 2018 London

Robyn plays… | Concert at Oliver’s Jazz Bar | July 2018 London

Invisible Salon Act II: Death & Dressing Up | Performance (with Benjamin Butch and Barbs) | June 2018 London

Invisible Salon Act I: There is NO ONE in the world more fit than myself to be laughed at | Performance (with Benjamin Butch and Margo Marshall) | June

2018 London

Invisible Salon | Installation performance at Madame Lillies | April 2018 London

Invisible Salon | Performance in a Luton van | January 2018 London

Performance Workshop | University of the Arts Bournemouth | January 2018 Bournemouth

Invisible Salon | Lungley Gallery Launch | January 2018 London

Séance | Performance ritual | December 2017 London

Rio Christmas Tree AIDS | Performance for the switching on of the Rio Cinema Christmas lights (in aid of Terence Higgins) | December 2017 London

Game Show | Performance | October 2017 London

Chelsea Podcast | Podcast recording at Sideroom Gallery | July 2017 London

Chelsea Tours | Performance tour of Chelsea College of Art | May 2017 London

Chelsea Cabaret | Performance night (featuring guests including Lavinia Co-op and Rubyyy Jones) | May 2017 London