Death and Dressing Up

With a live band, dance troupe and an entourage of puppets, Robyn & Margaret begin their anarchic series at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club with a night dedicated to the point of no return – death.

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Gathered in a circle, Robyn and Margaret facilitate a workshop which engages a group with their minds, bodies, voices and fundamentally with each other in preparation for realities.

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Summoned from the dream world and embodied in a stuffed green man during Kayfabing the Never Visible, Robyn’s alternative self remains in Robyn and Margaret’s care.

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Game Show

A live game show hosted by Robyn and Margaret in which our contestants have a chance to win £100 in real money

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Fanny Bright

Fanny Bright, an unsung hero of Christmas, comes from the little known second verse of jingle bells. All around the year Fanny may appear to represent the forgotten characters left in the annals of Christmas carols by means of a forceful singalong.

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Chelsea Cabaret

Robyn and Margaret have penetrated Chelsea College of Arts, bound the Dean (again), and stilettoed the door shut, to bring you Chelsea Cabaret, an evening of unabashed queer performances.

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