Chelsea Cabaret

Robyn and Margaret have penetrated Chelsea College of Arts, bound the Dean (again), and stilettoed the door shut, to bring you Chelsea Cabaret, an evening of unabashed queer performances.

Stumble your way to the old bar, submit to a sheath over your camera, convert your money to Queer Dollars, and enter the School of Queer. The line-up includes queerlesque eruption Rubyyy Jones, the legendary Lavinia Co-op and a ceremonious opening by the one-and-only Pissing Lamp. 

Chelsea Cabaret took place at Chelsea College of Arts in May 2017 and was Robyn and Margaret’s debut performance as a duo. A cabaret-format performance event with the ethos of providing an unchartered territory of performance freedom. With no filming or photography allowed, performers were invited to take risks celebrating avant-garde ideas of difference. First-timers and professional performers rubbed bits together on stage, injecting a juicy wodge of queerness into the dry hole of academia. 

Hosted by Robyn and Margaret, opening with ‘Sausage’ and closing with ‘Chelsea Girls’. The full line up included Rubyyy Jones, Lavinia Co-op, Cheski Kobbler, Dawn Chawkley, Margo Marshall, Aidan Strudwick, Albie McSquirell, Mishah Hashim and Dr Owen Parry.

Whilst no photography or filming was permitted during at Chelsea Cabaret, crayons, make up and paper were scattered across the tables along with flowers and queer dollars. Our academic in residence Dr Owen Parry was tasked with encouraging audience members to discuss and record their experience. The remnants of the cabaret along with Dr Owen Parry’s words are kept in an archive as the only record of the event.