Death and Dressing Up

With a live band, dance troupe and an entourage of puppets, Robyn & Margaret begin their anarchic series at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club with a night dedicated to the point of no return – death.

Death and Dressing Up is the first chapter of Robyn & Margaret’s BGWMC residency. Beginning with this most irreversible of changes, we’ll leave piles of shed identities on the streets of Bethnal Green, don our funereal garb and cross through to another side with song, comedy, music and dance.

Departing with us will be some special guests including Walki’s Monster and the mesmerising dance and performance of Mateo Dupleich Rozo and Monika Błaszczak (Trinity Laban Conservatoire, Mass Hysteria). Leave your life at the door, come die with Robyn & Margaret and enjoy a collective plunge into the point of no return, followed by a commiserating drink and dance at the disco-wake.

Performed at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on 10th October 2019