Dietrich Graf Von Hülsen Haeseler

A song from the Invisible Salon repertoire in honour of the chief of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s military cabinet. Dietrich Graf Von Hülsen Haeseler’s story is one of dressing up and death told by Robyn and Margaret with a pirouetting puppet and a glitter-ball head.

Accompanied by a full band or a single guitar, Robyn tells the story of a military chief who had one dream – to dance a pirouette dressed as a ballerina in the imperial ballroom for Kaiser Wilhelm II. Tonight is the night of the ball and we have an audience with the Kaiser to witness Dietrich’s first pirouette. Upon dancing this pirouette Dietrich dies a sudden and terrible death, leaving us to dance a pirouette together in his honour.

A memorial to the fulfillment of fantasy and the dangers it brings about. This song, composed by Robyn, revisits the moment at the precipice which is so important to those who dream. When the fantasy is complete: the gown is on, the Kaiser present, the pirouette in motion; what else is there to do but die?

Performed at:
Multiple Invisible Salon Performances
Bar Wotever, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, April 2019
Werk In Progress, The Glory, London, September 2018