Game Show

A live game show hosted by Robyn and Margaret in which our contestants have a chance to win £100 in real money

“It has to be a hundred pounds. If there’s not a prize worth winning, the show won’t have any purpose. Although it’s also very important that the show has no purpose at all”

Robyn and Margaret find a way for somebody to win Game Show with no winners, no losers and no correct answers. A relentlessly participatory performance where contestants compete for a cash prize with no idea whether their actions will bring them closer to or further away from winning.

Rounds played in Game Show at Chelsea College of Arts, October 2017
Warm Up
Bonus Round
1 contestant hides in the corner with bells strapped to their wrists
for the duration of the show and if anyone hears them they lose
Draw Margaret’s Absent Wife
Bake Off
Tick Tock What Time Is It Mr Wolf Disco
The Magic Robot Finale

Margaret on Game Show:
“Game Show was a chance to do something we’d talked about for a while. Robyn always wanted to do a game show, and I liked the weird entertainment it offers. It was all worth it to see the look on Robyn’s face when I said we’d both put fifty pounds in the pot. But that was what it needed, the joke had to be funny. Funny in a way that makes you laugh and uncomfortably shuffle at the same time. The dynamic it created lasted all the way through to the show itself, and the ‘decision’ to avoid deciding the rules of winning until the last minute helped us build a tension for ourselves. Well, for Robyn anyway.”