Glory Hole Portal Walls

Mystical toilet cubical walls charged with tranny magic with the power to access the realm of Glory Holes past, present and future.

‚ÄčThe Glory Hole is a deliberately unsung hero of queer history. It conjures a fading culture of cottaging and the anonymous hookup. Anonymity being at the core of the Glory Hole, the heroes it represents may never be interested in celebrating their stories of public toilets and disembodied cocks. These adored spirits commune reluctantly with Robyn and Margaret and perhaps the best we can do is offer them a song.

This performance also makes festive appearances as the Glory Hole Advent Calendar, where with a bit of luck we might find a spirit with a white beard and infectious laugh in our holy chamber.

Performed at:
Rio Christmas Tree AIDS, Rio Cinema, December 2017
Bar Wotever, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, June 2018
Yuletide Melodies, The Haggerston, December 2018