Summoned from the dream world and embodied in a stuffed green man during Kayfabing the Never Visible, Robyn’s alternative self remains in Robyn and Margaret’s care.

Without the knowledge of how to allow James to return to the dream world, Robyn and Margaret are still burdened with James’ presence. Presently he occupies the real world, coming to shows and propping up the door in their hallway.

James contributes to Invisible Salon performances with tragic songs of being far from home. He moves, tenderly puppeteered by Robyn and Margaret, connecting with audiences in hope of them understanding his plight or perhaps finding someone who may offer him a method to return to the dream world from which he came.

Kayfabing the Never Visible, Chelsea College of Arts, 2019
My Names Is James, Invisible Salon
I’ll Be Home For Christmas, Yuletide Melodies, The Haggerston, 2019