Kayfabing the Never Visible

Wrestling a live band, dance troupe and entourage of puppets, Robyn & Margaret hit the ring for round two of their anarchic series at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

Kayfabing the Never Visible is the second chapter of Robyn & Margaret’s BGWMC residency. Kayfabing means blurring the line between truth and fiction, so pull on your lycra, leave whatever you thought was real behind and join the brawl! Bouting with us will be the sensational Dani Dinger (Riposte), the mesmerising dance performances of Monika Błaszczak, Willa Faulkner and Marlen Pflueger (Mass Hysteria), and DJ Mucha Lucha taking us up to the final bell.

Set up your angles, pick your faces, heels and tweeners; no smarts, no smarks, no gas; a collection of stiffs, swerves, spots, served up by exóticos, monsters, technicians; someone’s gonna get a job, let’s meet our inner marks. Kayfabe the Never-Visible!

Performer on 14th November at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club