Kayfabing the never visible

Set up your angles, pick your faces, heels and tweeners, set up the squared circle, the ropes, the posts, you have work to do, no smarts, no smarks, no gas, a collection of stiffs, swerves, spots, served up by exóticos, monsters, technicians, someone’s gonna get a job, let’s meet our inner marks. Kayfabe the Never-Visible!

In Kayfabing the Never Visible Robyn and Margaret bring conduct a ritualistic performance in a wrestling ring with a ouija board floor, satin posts and bunting ropes. Musicians are placed at each corner of the ring and a referee adjudicates the ceremony. Song, improvised music and movement both tender and violent are used to communicate with the spirit realm.

Keyfabing the Never Visible at Chelsea College of Arts, September 2019

Act I
Dream-Catching James

Act II
Questions to the Floor

A Schmoz – The Hokie Kokie

A Brazilian Maracatu

Robyn “The Dreamer” Herfellow, “Ring General” Margaret Leppard,
William “The Tower” Leach, Rod “Pummeller” Oughton,
Alex “Shredder” Haines and Oedipussi as “The Ref”​

Robyn and Margaret bring the alternative self from Robyn’s dreams, James, into being within a stuffed green man. This soul from the dream world is invoked in a rhapsodic and violent ritual where Robyn sings ‘My Name Is James’ as Margaret wrestles the green man.

Margaret then channels questions to the floor, communicating answers from the spirit realm by stamping on the letters of the ouija board, announced and recorded by the ref. The musicians aid this stage in the ceremony with improvisation accompanied by the echoing sound of Margaret’s boot stamping on the board.

In a schmoz a mass of wrestlers bundle into the ring initiating a chaotic brawl to conclude a match. In our schmoz audience members enter the ring and take part in a Hokey Cokey.

The ceremony is concluded with a Brazilian Maracatu played by the band as James is paraded out of the ring. With this coronation like ceremony, James is escorted out into the world where he remains. Without the knowledge of how to allow James to return to the dream world, Robyn and Margaret are still burdened with James’ presence. Presently he occupies the real world in Robyn and Margaret’s care, coming to shows and propping up the door in their hallway.