Death and Dressing Up

With a live band, dance troupe and an entourage of puppets, Robyn & Margaret begin their anarchic series at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club with a night dedicated to the point of no return – death.

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Gathered in a circle, Robyn and Margaret facilitate a workshop which engages a group with their minds, bodies, voices and fundamentally with each other in preparation for realities.

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Summoned from the dream world and embodied in a stuffed green man during Kayfabing the Never Visible, Robyn’s alternative self remains in Robyn and Margaret’s care.

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Kayfabing the never visible

Set up your angles, pick your faces, heels and tweeners, set up the squared circle, the ropes, the posts, you have work to do, no smarts, no smarks, no gas, a collection of stiffs, swerves, spots, served up by exóticos, monsters, technicians, someone’s gonna get a job, let’s meet our inner marks. Kayfabe the Never-Visible!

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“Is any body there?”
“Knock three times if you’re there.”
“Reveal yourself to us.”
“Slip your hand up my skirt and…”

With the help of Tim Byford, Russ23 & The Twins (AKA Alex & Lloyd), Robyn, Margaret and their guests attempt to manifest the spirit of Margaret’s sexuality.

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Game Show

A live game show hosted by Robyn and Margaret in which our contestants have a chance to win £100 in real money

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