Gathered in a circle, Robyn and Margaret facilitate a workshop which engages a group with their minds, bodies, voices and fundamentally with each other in preparation for realities.

Warmup performances have been conducted to prepare participants for virtual reality, for art consumption and for raves. A group of strangers gather and stretch their bodies, warm up their voices and breathe together. Once connected they move through activities such as singing in improvised, atonal harmonies to establish a new relationship between them and the space. They reconsider their presence in the space by occupying it in an alternative manner, having been given a new permission by Robyn and Margaret.

We have reset and rebuilt the identities in this space. Go forth and interact untethered, consume art actively and inflict your new identity on the reality we have together altered. Warmup is a form of ritual as much as a boundary exploring exercise and encourages inhibition breaking communal care.

Performed at Tate Modern, London 2019 and Riposte, London 2019.

Account of Warmup in collaboration with Digital Makers Collective and Beta Society at Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, January 2019

Robyn and Margaret prepare a group for the virtual world in a three part workshop

A series of physical exercises and stretches prepares the body to engage with virtual reality. Collective breathing and vocal exercises prepare the mind. Yes, yes. No! No? Okay, reality. Reality? Reality!

Loading Virtual Worlds
Participants clear their minds of their current reality and begin to load their virtual worlds internally. Each individual builds and occupies their reality. What colours do you see? Are there other figures or are you alone? How do you move within your reality? Can you show us around?

Enter Reality
The group inhales the air around them and processes it through the virtual reality in their bodies. As they exhale they bring their realities into the space. Retaining the reality they have built, they step out of the circle into their newfound reality.